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Eagle Ironworks Historical Site Curtin Village

Historic Curtin Village SignCurtin Village and the Eagle Ironworks Historical Site are located just off Eagle Valley Road (Old Route 220) in Centre County in the area between Milesburg and the Bald Eagle State Park. This historic location in Centre County offers a glimpse of the past glory of the regions iron making and mining history.

Curtin Village was part of a large iron plantation operated by Roland Curtin and his family from 1810 to 1921. Established as a company town in the 1800's, Curtin Village was laid out on 3,000 acres from the Curtin estate which covered as much as 30,000 acres in Centre County during that period. Iron ore from open pit mines was brought to the furnace at Eagle Ironworks to produce pig iron. This pig iron was then shipped from Curtin Village on the Bald Eagle and Spring Creek Canal until the expansion of rail service through the valley at which time iron was exported from Curtin Village by train.

The Eagle Ironworks Pleasant Furnace has the distinction of being the last operating waterwheel powered cold blast charcoal furnace in the United States. The Pleasant Furnace operated at Curtin Village from 1820 through 1921 when it burned to the ground.

Pleasant furnace was meticulously reconstructed in the 1970s as a detailed replica of the original furnace. Many of the buildings of Curtin Village were also refurbished and a historic attraction was created. Visitors to Curtin Village may tour the furnace, blast house, casting house, bridge house and tuyers shed. There is also a fascinating display of 19th century machinery and old tools.

Eagle Ironworks at Curtin VillageA quick tour of the grounds takes about 40 minutes, with a more detailed tour lasting about an hour and a half. Guests can even explore the Worker's Village to see how life was in this company town, in the 1800s. The site includes a 2-room log cabin and several other houses and sheds in the village, as well as a boarding house.

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